Our athletic program starts in the third grade and continues throughout high school. This program teaches our young men the importance of living a balanced life. We not only want out young men to be strong academically and spiritually, but also physically. The philosophy of teamwork taught in Philippians 2:1-4 is promoted to encompass each part of the young man’s life.

Hammond Baptist Schools offers instruction in Latin, Hebrew and Greek. The grade school students learn Latin in third, fourth and fifth grades, the junior high students learn Greek in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades and the high school students learn Hebrew in the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades. These three languages were chosen for multiple reasons, among those reasons are:

  • These are the three languages that were written on the cross upon which Chrst died.
  • God chose to communicate to man through words. At Hammond Baptist Schools we stress the utilization and mastery of words.
  • Mastery of these three languages assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of the Bible. The English language used in our King James Bible is comprised of over 50% Latin rooted words. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and the New Testament was originally written in Greek.