As students progress toward the final years of their early education, the curriculum becomes more specific to areas of interest and preparation for life. Emphasis is made in the disciplines of music, sports, computers, home economics, foreign language, mechanical arts as well as orchestra and the core academic subjects. College preparation is strongly encouraged to those whose learning skills are developed enough to accept the challenge. Juniors and Seniors are able to choose from among seven major courses of study which include music, computers, & business, homemaking, mechanical arts, math & science, languages, and history.

With strong academic training being cared for at Hammond Baptist High School, each student is taught the importance of having a personal relationship with Christ and the individual’s responsibility to serve Him in this world as witnesses for His glory. Opportunity for Christian service is provided on the weekends with mentor/discipline programs that are a part of the ministry of the First Baptist Church. Every student is strongly encouraged to participate in Teenage Soul Winning or in the other outreach ministries of the church.

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